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  • Technology Exalts a Nation

    Technology exalts a nation by providing a powerful framework for improving the productivity of the people. In most cases, economic growth can be linked to an increase in productivity enabled by new technology. Embracing technology will help your nation create new industries and create jobs. Technology uncovers new areas of human endeavor. It pushes the […]

  • Serving God Through the Application of Technology

    If you want to solve the problems that are destroying your world, you must use technology. A true watchman never ignores technology. You must examine all of the technology available in your time and use it to advance your mission. It is unfortunate that Christians appear to be opposed to technology. Under the misguided belief […]

  • Grow in Knowledge Without Fear

    You can grow in knowledge without fear. Just remember to retain God in your knowledge. A lot of Christians are afraid to seek knowledge. The mindset being that growing in knowledge would somehow strip God of his powers. The idea being that we do not need to know how things work. You ask God for […]

  • Dreaming vs. Creating: The Role of Skill and Expertise

    Dreaming is when you allow your imagination to run riot. Without any regard for your skill or abilities. Creativity is when you have the skill, knowledge, and ability to act upon what you have imagined. You cannot create anything from the shadows of ignorance. From Proverbs 19:2, “Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it […]

  • Come, Let Us Bury Our Individualistic Thinking

    If you are serious about accomplishing great things, you must first accept the fact that you cannot do it alone. Across all of time and history, nothing significant has ever been achieved by a single person working alone. There is no precedent for that. It doesn’t matter how brilliant or gifted you are. You are […]

  • Grow Into Your Gifts

    God wants us to be bold, loving, and sensible with his gifts. He does not want us to be timid about them. Nobody is without one or two areas of special talent. The issue is that these gifts have been buried for a long time. Never to come into the light. If you go deep […]

  • You Have To Lay Aside The Child

    You are capable of doing great things, and you know it. The challenge is that you are not willing to do what needs to be done. Your mission will fail if you refuse to gather your strength. There are mountains ahead. You cannot get away from these challenges. Your failure is not due to lack […]

  • Elon Musk’s Unshakeable Belief in the Power of Long-term Thinking

    The headlines were harsh. As at December 2022, Elon Musk’s fortune is said to have dropped by more than $200 billion. The first person in history to suffer such a loss. In the midst of this, Sky News reported that Elon Musk emailed Tesla employees. He told them not to be bothered by the stock […]

  • What Do You Need To Become?

    You can be more than this, and you know it. There are no limits to your potential. The problem is, there is no motivation for you to lean towards your potential. You are not performing at your peak because you do not need to. There is nothing in your everyday life that demands it. But […]

  • Who Do You Need To Become?

    What is your best answer to the question, “Who are you?” This is not the time for some religious or thoughtless answer. You want to be specific and as detailed as possible. You are a primary school teacher. Husband to your wife. Daddy (not father) to your children. Consider your friends. Consider your professional affiliations. […]


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