Category: Watching the World

  • Circles of Economic Influence

    We cannot watch over the world in any meaningful way while ignoring economic realities. If you want to steer the world towards a better future, you need to realize that a better future begins with a brighter economic outlook. Anything less than that is superficial. Some christians insist they are only interested in spiritual transformation, […]

  • Real Changes Require Economic Power

    Real changes are driven by the people that possess economic powers or can influence economic activities. You have not really done anything until the economic conditions of your world improves. We must understand that our mission to steer the world towards a better future has an economic component. You cannot drive any real change for […]

  • Solve It Profitably

    The mission is simple. Solve problems profitably. It is time to discard the idea that the best way to change the world is through a non-profit organization. And that is because it is not true. When you compare the impact of for-profit companies with nonprofits, you see that for-profits are the better model. There is […]

  • A Vision Demands Much Business

    One of the major reasons a vision fails is due to lack of enough business being generated around the vision. It is not enough to develop a vision statement. There must be serious business being built around it. You need to understand that without shrewd business acumen, you will not be able to transform the […]

  • Do Business

    You do not need to be a genius to realise that the real goal of a business is to solve a specific problem in a specific way at a scale that makes it worthwhile. We see then that it is not so different from the person that aspires to operate as a salt and light […]

  • Business As A Tool For Change

    Business is a tool and like any tool, its impact and legacy is determined by the people directing the affairs of the business. A business can be a vehicle for crime and corruption. However, it can also be a vehicle for long-term change in the community. For anyone interested in building a consistent and sustainable […]

  • Going Beyond Handouts

    Our vision for a better future must evolve beyond handing out money or food to the poor and vulnerable. Handing out money to people is like the “fast food” version of change. It provides instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment. However, we all know nothing has really changed. You will always need to give […]

  • Another Side To Charity And Philanthropy

    The goal should not be to make money and do good by setting aside some money for “charity”. There are documented studies and research that has shown such interventions to be superficial. An example is the “big man” who gives a village ten bags of rice and claims he has solved world hunger. While we […]

  • We Need To Discuss Big Ideas

    I think it is up to us – you and me, to shift the conversation from money and material possessions towards ideas. We should debate ideas more often, not get caught up in gossip about people. This is a major failing of Nigerian society. We are glued towards discussing people and enjoy the chance to […]

  • On Playing The Money Game

    If you live in Nigeria you would observe that money and material possessions are the center of most conversations. From the town square to the Ivory Tower. From the corridors of political power to the sacred pulpit. It is all the same. These are a people united by their drive to make money in order […]


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