Category: Watching the World

  • This Is Not For Fame And Attention

    The people sent by God to watch over the world and steer it towards where he wants, do not do it for fame and attention. There is a big problem if becoming popular and taking the credit is more important to you than anything else. First of all, it is not christian to seek attention […]

  • You Did Not Choose This. He Chose You

    Whenever you feel stressed out or overwhelmed by what lies ahead, always remember that you didn’t choose this. God chose you. Remember the words of Christ, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you […]

  • Just Create Something, Even If It’s Trivial

    Your end goal is to change the world, and that is non negotiable, but you need to consider something. There is a chance that right now, you lack the knowledge, skills and resources required to make an impact on the world. If you are not powerful enough right now to change the whole world, think […]

  • The Center Of Your Relationships Should Not Be Human

    At the center of all human relationships should be God, and a devotion to divine principles of righteousness, mercy and justice. You want to love, associate or do things with people who consider God to be the center of their lives. When you do business with a God-fearing person, you can go to sleep with […]

  • You Have To Fuse The Spiritual And Practical

    In your quest to live a God-centered life, you must avoid the aimlessness that comes with a religious pursuit that ignores the practical. A religion that ignores the practical, day-to-day living will mold people that are irrelevant to the socio-economic sphere of their world. You should not be so fixated on the afterlife that you […]

  • Looking Beyond A God That Grants Your Selfish Passions

    It seems ridiculous to articulate that if you had a wish granting spirit that gave you everything you wanted, you will never find happiness and fulfillment. This seems counterintuitive, but think about it. When you are driven by a selfish agenda, you will seek to maximise profits for yourself in everything. This will lead down […]

  • True Spiritual Transformation Should Impact The Economy

    You do not have to overthink the scriptures to realize that any city or community that is dominated by people whose lives are ordered according to the word of God will enjoy heaven on earth. Spiritual transformation should not start and stop with church growth. It should influence the culture, and families, transform the media […]

  • Do You Want To Serve God At The Highest Levels?

    There are requirements for every kind of result, and if spiritual requirements are not met, nothing happens. Anyone that ignores the word of God and divine principles will be under the command and tutelage of those who have embodied those principles. As it is written, “I mean that the heir, as long as he is […]

  • Are You Seeking A God That Serves You And Makes You Rich?

    There is a big problem with a religion that emphasises a God that serves you and grants you power, wealth and fame. A religion that centres around you and whatever you desire. It would seem like you are the centre of all worship and attention, displacing God at the centre. There is a problem when […]

  • Fuel Your Creative Spirit

    If you consider yourself to be creative, and possess an incredible imagination. Then you will be able to relate with something Nikola Tesla penned down in his autobiography. For he explained that at some point in his life, “I thought and planned, and conceived many ideas almost as a rule delusive. The vision was clear […]


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