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  • Beware Of Dogs, And Paul Mackenzie

    Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie asked his followers to fast until they-die-and-see-Jesus. They responded accordingly. Several news outlets reported a death toll of over a hundred people. Whose bodies were discovered in shallow graves in the Shakahola forest, near Malindi, Kenya. The story of Beatrice ‘Betty’ Ajenta Charles is one of many tragic tales. She reportedly […]

  • Steadfast And Unstoppable Will Get The Job Done

    What will keep you from pursuing your God-given mission? Should there be tribulation, distress, persecution, danger, a lack of support, or a lack of resources? You must understand that you will not be able to deliver results until your heart becomes unstoppable. There will always be fifty-five million reasons to justify your failure, but not […]

  • Your Ignorance Is Preventing You From Manifesting

    What is the exact reason you have not been able to create the things in your mind? If you believe the culprit to be a lack of funds, think again. Money is not the ultimate barrier to your success. Your grand ideas should not remain unfulfilled, trapped within the confines of your imagination. Do not […]

  • Giving Love And Peace As Tangible Gifts To People

    Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 10: 13-15 to share their peace with others. He instructs them that if they come across a welcoming and worthy household, they should bless it with their peace. However, if the household is unwelcoming and rejects their message, they should simply leave and not force anything upon them. Jesus […]

  • On The Annual Ranking Of The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2023

    Forbes, an American business magazine, has published its annual ranking of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2023. The list includes pretax salaries, bonuses, and endorsements for the 2022-23 season. Football, basketball, and golf players dominate the top ten list, with one representative each from boxing and tennis. Cristiano Ronaldo has topped the Forbes list for the […]

  • Stop Permitting Wicked People To Dominate Your World

    Our Lord Jesus entrusts us with the mission of being the salt and light of the world. It is our responsibility to reflect the grace of God and God’s kind of love in our communities. Without it, the world becomes a dark, cold, and cruel place. Anyone who does not walk in God’s love is […]

  • What About Stealing Aliko Dangote’s Mission?

    The primary distinction between an average Nigerian and Aliko Dangote is not his multibillion-dollar fortune. It is the fact that Dangote has been on a mission for over thirty years to become the leading provider of essential daily needs in Sub-Saharan Africa. He wants to be in charge of producing goods that billions of Africans […]

  • Shining The Light Of Education On Your Beliefs

    Any religious convictions that stand up to the scrutiny of critical thought must have some validity. If your religious beliefs are true, productive and glorifying your God, you should not be afraid of some critical thinking. Religious beliefs have stood the test of critical thinking when they possess inherent merit. Philippians 4:8 admonishes us to […]

  • The Power Of A Clear Mission Statement

    There are numerous lessons we can take from our Lord Jesus. The clarity of his mission statement is one of the most fascinating things to learn. Matthew 4:17 (ESV) says, “from that time Jesus began to preach, saying, ‘repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’.” He was able to communicate exactly what he […]

  • On The Need To Develop A Stronger Spirit

    Whether you believe you are talented or not. Consistent spiritual discipline will benefit your spirit. It will make your spirit stronger. You need a strong spirit more than you realise. It takes a certain amount of resilience to follow through on your ideas, hopes, and dreams. When your spirit is weak, you are more likely […]


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