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  • What Would It Take To Change Your Mind?

    It was John Patterson that said, “only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t and dead men can’t”. It is not a strength to brag about an unwillingness to change your mind about anything. Fools don’t change their mind because they think they are right. As it is written, “The way of […]

  • The Truth Or What You Want To Hear?

    You want to hear about how awesome, brilliant, and fantastic you are. There is no chance to consider whether you might be awful, dull and insignificant. You are not interested in the truth. You want validation that you are on the right path, regardless of whether that is true or not. This unholy obsession with […]

  • The Slow And Productive Economic Revolution

    A lot of dissatisfied young people are angry at society. They are angry about a system that has left them poor and disenfranchised. This is not a problem. The problem arises when they choose an unproductive venture as a channel for their anger. A lot of youthful energy is wasted on poorly planned projects. It […]

  • Applause Without Feedback Will Waste Your Life

    All applause without sincere feedback will waste your life. If your work is mediocre or not good enough for the results you want, you need to know right away. If your work is good enough to attract genuine applause, that’s great. However, you still need to understand why it worked, with a view to improve […]

  • The Feedback You Need For Your Best Life

    You need a lot of honest feedback and evaluation about your work. It is great to get applause. However, you must prepare your heart for whatever kind of feedback you might get about your work. A lot of people want to hear only nice things about their work. Even if it is not true. You […]

  • Creativity Begins At Home

    A special report jointly released by UNESCO, UNDP, and UNOSSC declared that “Creativity and innovation, at both the individual and group levels, have become the true wealth of nations in the 21st century”. Creativity is this incredible gift that you possess. And with some training, you can begin to reshape your world with your creations. […]

  • Building Relationships Consciously

    Someone once said, “Do not marry for money. Relocate to a community of rich people, and then marry for love”. On the surface, this looks like some mean, evil advice. However, if you think about it, you will see the light. It takes commitment and growth to renegotiate your station in life, to a state […]

  • The Journey To Higher

    Deep down, you want to become your most creative and productive self. You want your soul to journey to a higher plane of existence. Away from the mundane things that dominate the consciousness at a lower level. You want to do your best work that glorifies God. Your journey to the higher life requires a […]

  • The Only Thing Required To Do Big Things For God

    There are a lot of great things you could accomplish for God in the land of the living. However, there is a chance you feel you are not rich enough or powerful enough to make a difference. So, here is a reminder that having faith is the key thing. When you live right, you will […]

  • How Many Jobs Will You Create This Year?

    If you want to help people, give them jobs. A normal human being in their right senses would rather work for a thousand dollars, rather than be handed ten thousand dollars for doing nothing. People don’t want someone to solve their problems for them, they actually want someone (or an institution) to empower them to […]


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