Category: Watching the World

  • Prepared to Make a Difference

    You need to look inwards and consider how prepared you are for the things you want to do. There are a lot of opportunities for you to succeed by your contribution to society, but it is the prepared person that can maximize such opportunities. A favourite example is Ezra. We learn that Ezra had devoted […]

  • The Power To Change Your World

    We need to distinguish between having the vision for positive change and having the power to effect such changes. It is not enough to know what needs to be done. You need the power to do what needs to be done. You have to realize early in your career that your divine assignment to steer […]

  • Lean Towards Problem-solving

    The quest to solve problems and improve the human condition is what fuels exploits of creativity and inventiveness. Without such a mindset, you will not get into the deep end of creativity. The challenge here is that you have not been taught to solve problems. The prevailing mindset is to make money and then buy […]

  • Driven by Numbers

    One key to unlocking greater effectiveness is to define your goals and then determine what a numerical representation of that goal would look like. If your goal is to raise the leaders that will transform a society, you want to determine how many leaders you have to train within a time period. The watchman that […]

  • Connected For Activation And Greater Productivity

    The president of a third world country once asked his pastor, “Who is more powerful? The president or a spiritual leader like a pastor in this case?” This certainly makes for a good debate. There are very interesting points to be raised on both sides, but I think the spiritual leader has an edge. Everyone […]

  • The Secret To Growing Into Your Most Powerful Self

    You can execute your vision at the “lizard” level or execute your vision at the “alligator” level. In case you do not understand the reference, let me try again. You can decide to be powerful enough to lead a dozen people or become powerful enough to lead fifteen thousand people. Still not getting it? Here: […]

  • Driving An Agenda

    When we become serious with our assignment to watch the world, we would realise how important companies are. Our world revolves around companies; for-profit businesses. Companies are the backbone of society. If you really think about it, you see that your life revolves around companies. Your daily needs are met by companies that offer you […]

  • Be Business Minded

    There is something productive and enterprising about people that are business minded. Jesus famously quipped, “How is it that you sought me? knew you not that I must be about my Father’s business?” This is a very important statement because it reveals to us that Jesus viewed his work as a business. I think many […]

  • The Rise of Mission-Minded Companies

    If you want to change your world in a way that is sustainable, independently verifiable and quantifiable, the best vehicle to do so is through a business. We have created a world where good people who want to make a positive difference in their world cower away at nonprofits. Leaving the most greedy and vile […]

  • How To Actually Solve Problems (Build Technology!)

    Certain people have convinced themselves that technology is evil, and they would have nothing to do with it, and once they embrace that mind-set, they miss out on a key and fundamental nature of God – creativity and invention. The bible opens up with the words, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the […]


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