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  • Every Man For Himself God For Us All

    The phrase “Every man for himself, and God for us all” reflects the idea that individuals should focus on their own personal interests and well-being. Without any consideration for others. Without any consideration for the larger society. God in heaven is concerned about everyone. But since you are not God, you should mind your own […]

  • On Technology for Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

    Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. This is a positive development. Technology provides practical benefits by assisting us in increasing our productivity. But you must learn to draw a line. Relying on tech for emotional and spiritual fulfillment could be dangerous. In today’s world, where traditional […]

  • Finding God in the Machine

    Humans have a (must be) genetic compulsion to believe in something. Throughout history, humans have relied on their faith in something to accomplish great things. Today’s world may appear to have abandoned belief in God, gods, or whatever. But, the need to believe in something has not gone away. People are looking for something. You’re […]

  • Working Together for Economic Success

    The collective productivity of the people determines the state of the economy. A strong economy requires you to be concerned about increasing the productivity of everybody. For economic expansion and the creation of profitable businesses, cooperation and collaboration are crucial. Personal ambition should be balanced with a focus on collective efforts for the greater good […]

  • Using the Keys of Heaven to Influence Your World

    Every day, you should be conscious of the need to revere God and pray for his will to be done on earth. This kind of prayer will light up your spirit and help you serve as the salt and light of your world. If God’s will is done in our communities, we would see the […]

  • Maturity Beyond Personal Needs and Daily Bread

    When Jesus taught about prayer, he provided us with a model that we can use whenever we want to pray (Matt 6:9-13). You have to understand that the prayer is also in order of priority. The first prayer point, for example, is reverence and worship to the Almighty God in heaven. Which should be the […]

  • Operating from a Higher Place of Perception and Understanding

    Creativity is the driving force behind progress and innovation. Creativity is defined as the innate ability to create work that is both original and useful. It is necessary and relevant for problem solving. Every day, you face problems, and creativity enables you to effectively solve them. Every cool scientific discovery or technological breakthrough you read […]

  • Defending the Institution of Marriage Against Celebrity Worship

    One of the fundamental pillars of our society is the institution of marriage. It serves as the foundation for families and society as a whole. This pillar is derived from the biblical verse, Genesis 2:24, which states, “therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they […]

  • How Knowledge and Skills Impact the Potential of New Technology

    New technologies always seem like they will change everything and make our lives easier. And while this is true, you should realize that having access to new technology does not automatically make you proficient in using it. It would require knowledge, skill and training to maximize your usage of the tool. One example of this […]

  • Leveraging Technology to Advance Your Mission

    Your ability to create with the technologies at your disposal is the key factor in today’s world. You must be able to take a long, thoughtful look at what the latest technologies are making possible. And consider how it helps you achieve more. The depth of your knowledge is not as important as what you’re […]


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