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  • Every Tale Of Victory Is A Tale Of Fearlessness

    Fearlessness is often at the heart of every success story. Nobody becomes a super success without having enough faith to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds. Every success story involves taking a risk and acting on faith. Whatever results you desire in your life, business, or impact project will require a corresponding level of […]

  • The Key To Great Success Is Unwavering Fearlessness

    The most potent leverage an individual can wield lies in their unwavering fearlessness. Indeed, the results we get are proportional to how much faith and fear we have in our hearts. You must be confident that you will achieve your goals. As long as you keep praying and working towards it. It’s fascinating how fear […]

  • On The Awful, Terrible Stewardship Of African Resources

    In the pursuit of growth and development, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) has the potential to become Africa’s own Saudi Aramco, according to Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote. Dangote made the remarks at the 2023 NUIMS Annual Value Assurance Review (AVAR) Workshop. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company, and it plays […]

  • Impact Begins With One Person At A Time

    When we discuss the importance of having an impact on others. You may come to believe that you must make a difference in the lives of a billion people. You certainly can. But, in reality, impact begins with one person at a time. Look for ways to assist one person before assisting another. Your mighty […]

  • With Time, You Can Move The Earth

    Archimedes, a Greek philosopher, once said, “Give me a firm place to stand and a lever, and I can move the Earth.” He was taken with the concept of the lever and its ability to multiply force. Time can be considered to be a lever. Over time, your efforts will add up, and your lofty […]

  • Knowledge And Training Will Help Maximize Spiritual Aptitude

    The main reason the black race lags behind the rest of the world is a lack of intellectual development alongside spiritual development. Spiritual development is very important. You will need a strong spirit to persevere in the face of challenges and difficult opposition. However, your powerful spirit must be combined with knowledge. If you want […]

  • Understanding That You Need People In Your Life

    Life is a mystery, ever-changing and complex. Uncertain, and unpredictable. But amidst the chaos, one truth remains; life happens in phases. Most people’s lives can be classified into three phases: dependence, independence, and interdependence. The first phase of life is marked by dependence on others. We are born helpless and rely on our parents or […]

  • How To Accomplish More Than You’re Thinking

    The world is full of people who are talented, gifted, and brilliant. People who are doing great and mighty things in business, media, entertainment, sports, religion, the economy and governance. However, you believe you are not wealthy, powerful, educated, or talented enough to operate at that level. You feel handicapped. As a result, you abandon […]

  • It’s Time to Build Billion Dollar Companies Across Africa

    Africa is a continent with a lot of potential. It has a young population, a growing economy, and a large market. These factors make it an ideal place to build billion dollar companies. If you’re ready to commit to growth and a mission, now is the time to start thinking big. Aim for a company […]

  • Following In The Footsteps Of Strive Masiyiwa

    Strive Masiyiwa has been on a mission to connect Africans for over two decades. From his beginnings in Zimbabwe, when he built a telecommunications company, Econet Wireless, despite great adversity. Many multibillion-dollar corporations have emerged out of that mission. Some of the key businesses that he established with partners included Econet Wireless International, Econet Global, […]


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