An Opportunity To Complain About Falling Educational Standards?

This week, there was a lot of talk about the 2024 UTME exams in Nigeria. A staggering 76% of those who took the exam scored less than 200. The figure 200 is significant because it represents half of the total possible score. This has given people an opportunity to complain about falling educational standards. And it has given some reason to complain about how social media and technology are making young people less intelligent. But these simple explanations miss the bigger picture. There are deeper issues at play that need to be addressed.

A significant problem is the lack of action taken to address this issue. Many prophecies and visions remain unfulfilled because people aren’t responding as they should. Merely having dreams and plans isn’t enough if no practical steps are taken to achieve them. Despite many Nigerians being passionate about improving education, little progress is being made. Countless others receive prophecies and revelations but fail to act upon them. Real change requires deliberate, massive action. Merely complaining about falling academic standards won’t bring about the necessary change. It’s time for concrete steps to improve education for young people.

It’s time for action. Each of us has a role to play in improving educational standards in our communities. Whether it’s mentoring a single student to excel in their exams, organizing study groups, or volunteering with organizations focused on academic excellence, every effort counts. Move beyond online complaints and take tangible steps to make a difference. You can inspire and empower the people around you to succeed. It’s not enough to talk about the problem; you must commit yourself to be part of the solution. Let’s commit to action and work towards a brighter future for our youth.

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