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  • Serving Others Through Your God-Given Creativity

    If it does not occur naturally, then it was created by a human being. Electric power plants, distribution systems, the Internet, smartphones, comfortable clothing, and paper and ink were all invented. Devised for the benefit of humanity, and the glory of God. God is glorified when you exercise your God-given creativity to create value in […]

  • On Deliberately Building High-trust Relationships

    In an environment where there is integrity and trust, everything works better. Decisions can be made more quickly. When there is trust, money moves more quickly. Unfortunately, trust does not scale. You can’t rely on the masses to do the right thing. However, you should intentionally create trust circles around yourself. Build high quality relationships […]

  • Lessons From China’s Emergence As A Technology Superpower

    According to a new report, the United States and other Western countries are losing the race with China to develop advanced technologies and retain talent, with Beijing potentially establishing a monopoly in some areas. China leads in 37 of 44 technologies tracked by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute over the course of a year. Electric […]

  • Focus On Your Good Works

    Rather than seeking money or status, you should strive to create wealth. Your wealth is the result of the accumulation of your good works (aka productivity). When you conflate productivity with making money or achieving status, you get off track. You have a tendency to stop being fruitful. You will stop to produce useful, meaningful […]

  • From Motivated Fool to Economic Changemaker

    To make an economic impact in your world, you need more than passion. While zeal, bravery, and courage are admirable qualities, they will not help you succeed. It is suicidal to go through life following your untrained instincts. To succeed in your calling to keep watch over your world, you must prioritize knowledge and discipline […]

  • Onyeka Nwelue And The Craving For Status

    Onyeka Nwelue is a Nigerian author and filmmaker who lost his academic visitor status at Oxford and Cambridge for misusing their logos and premises. He was exposed in a March 2, 2023 report by the Cherwell newspaper, published by Oxford University students. The damning report demonstrated that the 35-year-old frequently misrepresented himself to the public […]

  • Father Forgive Them, For They Do Not Know…

    Every day as you work to further your mission, you will inevitably run into resistance from others. You’ll experience fraud, shortchanging, and betrayal. People will make grandiose promises that they won’t keep. It is all part of the game. You should understand human nature and make allowances for such behavior. Jesus understood this aspect of […]

  • The Power of Creating Something from Nothing

    Every human being is capable of creating something from nothing. But only a few of us will ever be able to focus enough to do so. You need to be conscious of your power to create something out of nothing. The key is to define in clear terms, the things you wish to create. There […]

  • Accountability Will Unlock Greater Opportunities For You

    Accountability is an important characteristic that is frequently overlooked in our daily interactions with others. It is the act of accepting responsibility for our actions and the consequences of those actions. You might not realize it, but lack of accountability is one of the reasons many people fail to achieve their dreams. You would struggle […]

  • The Power To Make Your Dreams Come True

    If you want to make your dreams a reality, you must increase your productivity. However, becoming a productive adult requires more than just passion, hard work or determination. It requires knowledge. You cannot consistently perform at the highest levels from a place of ignorance. A broken clock may be correct twice a day, but that […]


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