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  • Increase Your Contribution To The Economy

    You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution to the economic issues plaguing your world. The economy does not improve by advocacy and delivery of big speeches. Economic matters are productivity matters. If you are not happy with the economic conditions of your world, approach it as a productivity […]

  • Your Business Helps You Take Responsibility

    The Holy Bible makes it clear that God wants the best of us to take care, and look after the rest of us. You think of Prophet Samuel who said, “Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you, and I will […]

  • Your Business Is A Mission From God

    The idea that starting a business is a quick way to make a lot of money is false. You can confirm this fact from anyone that has run their own business for at least 3 years. In the short term, you are going to make more money by getting a job than by running your […]

  • Faith Requires You To Do The Thinking

    If you find an idea you believe in. Do the thinking. Figure out what it would take to make the vision a reality and commit to the process. Buckminster Fuller once said, “faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking”. Stop pretending that the great technologies you want to […]

  • You Cannot Ignore Or Sidestep People And Building Relationships

    When you develop the knowledge, discipline, and capacity required to do great things. You become strong enough to get things done without requiring help. There comes a temptation to write off people and relationships. There are the dumb people that cannot understand your lofty goals. The undisciplined ones that will frustrate you with their indiscipline. […]

  • Imitate The Right People And Achieve Success On Time

    We like to think that we are thoughtful, original thinkers blazing a new trail with our lives. However, the reality is that thinking is hard. Our day-to-day living is only possible because of conventions. It is very hard, if not outright impossible to get through your day without following established conventions. The only reason you […]

  • The Roadmap To Glorious Purpose

    Things are so much better when you have a roadmap to follow. It becomes easier to accomplish your goals. Having a map does not make your undertaking easy. You still have to put in the work. There are still risks involved. However, when you have a map, your journey is easier because it saves you […]

  • Your Contribution To The Economic Betterment Of Your World

    One way to think about the economy of a country is to think about the economy as the collective productivity of the people. One can argue that the economy is more complicated than that. However, it is useful to approach economic matters as a productivity problem. If you could increase the productivity of the people […]

  • Save Your Time And Energy By Modelling Super Successful People

    It is a blessing to be human; so much raw power and potential. With the capacity to become anything you want, the problem is finding out what you should be doing. You have unlimited potential, but you are limited by your time and energy. Your time is short. Your energy is limited. You will not […]

  • Model The Success You Want

    It is always safe to make the assumption that people want to be successful. That someday, you will like to look back, reflect upon your life and feel that you have been successful. However, there is a problem with defining what should be evaluated as a success or not. This is because success is not […]


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