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  • What Are You Taking Responsibility For?

    The condition of our world is shaped by the actions for which individuals assume responsibility. Without anyone taking responsibility, our world will crumble. In John 9:5, Jesus declared himself as a guiding light for the world as long as he is around. Jesus wants you to be the salt and light of your world. To […]

  • We Must All Take Responsibility For Our World

    The government should do this. The company should do that. The Boss should have taken a specific action. My parents should have done this twenty years ago. The government, your employers, your parents, and various individuals have been mentioned as responsible parties in different contexts. However, amidst all these discussions, a fundamental question arises: What […]

  • With God, All Things Are Possible

    While the statement “Nothing is impossible” may sound appealing, it is not accurate. Jesus said, “with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible”(Matthew 19:26). In reality, there are many things that we might perceive to be very difficult or outright impossible. However, it is through our belief in a higher power; […]

  • Doing This One Thing Will Maximize Your Potential

    Consider this thought-provoking question: What purpose is served by investing in extravagant items such as an expensive car, perhaps a Ferrari, without a specific destination in mind? Similarly, why would one acquire a pricey designer suit without a significant occasion to wear it to? Furthermore, what value is there in purchasing a luxurious yacht if […]

  • The Fallacy of “Nothing is Impossible”

    The catchphrase “nothing is impossible” is widely used, despite the existence of clearly impossible feats. Throughout history, there have been endeavors that individuals have undertaken and ultimately failed to achieve any concrete outcome. In contemporary times, when people proclaim “nothing is impossible,” they often refer to tasks that are challenging to accomplish. Difficulty should not […]

  • Deciding On Your Timeline For Life And Success

    It is crucial to address an important question early in life: when do you want to die? By establishing a timeline for yourself, you gain the advantage of effective planning and a clear understanding of your limits. For instance, if you believe you can live up to 120 years, you will be motivated to invest […]

  • Unwavering Faith Requires Extraordinary Patience

    Your deepest aspirations require more time than you might be thinking. God has the power to exceed even your highest hopes and thoughts. However, it is crucial to recognize that individuals with unwavering faith must also possess extraordinary patience. Hebrews 6:12 says, “so that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through […]

  • David Or Josiah? Understanding The Pathway To Success

    Patience is key when it comes to manifesting your destiny. Despite the equality of all human beings in creation, the speed at which things align is influenced by the circumstances and situations we are born into. So, don’t rush the process and remain patient. David, son of Jesse was anointed King over Israel by Prophet-Priest-Judge […]

  • How To Make Your Economic Impact Dreams A Reality

    To make a significant economic impact in your world, your business endeavors must possess the scale and influence necessary to affect others. Many people have a deep desire to become economic titans. Every year, they hope to create anywhere from a dozen to a thousand jobs. They want to contribute to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) […]

  • Your Impatience Will Make You A Quack

    Desiring to be the salt and light of your world is a wonderful thing. Living an impactful life. Allowing God to use you as a vessel for love and grace to permeate the dark world around you. You must, however, commit to the process. You have to make peace with the idea that you are […]


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