Author: He That Watereth

  • Stop Looking For New Ideas

    There is nothing new under the sun. You do not need something new to make something new. Your goal is not to make something new. Your goal is to steer your world towards where God wants. The goal is to solve problems, influence society, and create wealth. Keep your approach simple and practical. If you […]

  • Old Things Are New Again

    We love to define creativity as an act of developing an idea that is new and useful. This definition puts pressure on the enterprising mind to find something that nobody has ever thought about before. And this complicates things. How can one think up something that nobody else has ever thought about before? If creativity […]

  • Grow Together, Go Together

    The closest people in your life should be the people you are growing together with. As you grow together, you will go together on the mission to shape culture, influence society, and create wealth. An African proverb says that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with […]

  • Go Ten Years At A Time

    You are not a fully formed adult unless you can comprehend, think about, and plan out ten years into your future. If you consider your day-to-day productivity, you would be disappointed. You cannot do much in a day or a week. Your consistency in the long run is the secret of great achievements. You need […]

  • Your Role In Tomorrow

    The future called. They need visionary leaders. There is a lot of room for righteous and just people to watch their world and do work that matters. The future does not only require leaders and seasoned professionals. They also require labourers and slaves. Here is the idea. It is not too hard to figure out […]

  • Your Actions Will Deliver The Future You Want

    The great thing about the future is that nothing is set. Your future is the cumulative of your thoughts and actions in the present. By the grace of God, and through your act of faith, you can own the future. The worst approach you can adopt for the future is to wait and see. The […]

  • Clarity Brings Velocity

    A confused man has speed. A visionary moves with velocity that eventually becomes momentum. There is speed, and then, there is velocity. You want to move fast with clarity and purpose. You want every step you take, to move you closer towards your goals. That is what it means to move with velocity. Moving fast […]

  • Your Mission Needs Clarity

    Here’s an interesting question worth thinking about. What would your world look like by the time your work takes effect? You need an exact image of how your work will change your community, town, industry, city or country. Without such clarity, it becomes hard to evaluate your work, and determine how much progress has been […]

  • Thinking Tomorrow, Today

    The most important task for the watchman is to write the vision and make it plain. You cannot steer your world towards a better future you cannot explain or describe in some detail. It is hard to watch over your world if you do not have a compelling picture of what the future could be. […]

  • Beware of the Yes-Men

    You are not safe if there is nobody in your life, nobody on your team that can express concerns about your actions. You must be wary of the yes-men. People who want to impress you so much that they hold back from telling the truth. Progressive fellowships and relationships are built around the truth. No […]


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