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  • The Path to Holding Strong, Valid Opinions

    Everyone has an opinion about everything nowadays. However, before you can claim to have formed an opinion about anyone or anything, you must first do the work. You have to read up different points of view. You have to converse with knowledgeable individuals and understand their arguments. There is a need to examine the issue […]

  • Minding Your Business and Taking Control of Your Destiny

    In the fast-paced and distracting world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the sensational headlines and controversies that dominate the news. However, it is important to remember that our opinions and efforts are better spent on things we can control. You need to learn to focus some more on minding your […]

  • How To Maximize Your Spiritual Light And Creative Insights

    Light has always been a symbol of wisdom and God’s revelation in the Bible. Spiritual light is a powerful force that can guide us through life. Assisting you in developing a sense of purpose, direction, and meaning. However, without corresponding intellectual development, this light is rendered ineffective. If you want to grow and evolve into […]

  • Pope Francis and the Criminalization of Homosexuality

    Sins, crimes, and shaping the society we desire are all complex and interconnected issues. What constitutes a sin depends on each person’s relationship with God. The Bible outlines the things that we as Christians consider to be sinful. However, it is up to society to define what constitutes a crime. This is shaped by the […]

  • The Thinker and the Prayer

    It is not enough to be a fantastic thinker. While having a sharp mind and the ability to think is important, making time for prayer is also essential. Everyone knows that success requires a certain amount of luck. In this context, luck refers to the hope that events and circumstances beyond one’s control will work […]

  • Prayer is a Logical Argument to God

    Praying effectively requires clear and direct communication. There is prayer. There is also babbling. Jesus was not a fan of babbling. Jesus taught his disciples to pray in a simple, logical manner. And their prayer in Acts 4:23-31 serves as an example of this approach. The disciples’ prayer was straightforward and logical. With a meaningful […]

  • Spiritual Skills to Function in the Economy

    To function in the economy, one must be able to think and make plans. Your success will be determined by how well you execute your plans. Certain religious people frequently believe that prayer alone will bring them success and prosperity. But this is not true. It takes more than just prayer to become a player […]

  • The Relevance of Clear, Purposeful Prayers in Today’s World

    Prayer is an important spiritual discipline that is still relevant today. It’s easy to lose sight of the power of prayer in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. The sentiment is that we require knowledge and technology to solve problems. Prayers do not do anything. However, this is incorrect. A prayer is a request made to a […]

  • Balancing Intellectual and Spiritual Development for Good Success

    You are at your creative best when you grow spiritually and intellectually. It is a good idea to broaden your knowledge while remaining tethered to the Christian faith. It is important to retain knowledge of God as we grow in our creative pursuits. This knowledge serves as a foundation for our actions and decisions. It […]

  • Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Growth for Problem-Solving

    Problem-solving requires the evolution of your mind and thinking to a higher level of consciousness. As Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Solving the toughest problems requires spiritual and intellectual growth. Spiritual development provides you with the energy and understanding you need to […]


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