Invest Your Resources Towards Advancing Your Values

What are the dominant ideas influencing your world, community, and home? Where did the ideas come from? And who are the most vocal supporters of these ideas today? Ideas do not spread just because they are better. The ideas that spread have the most resources behind them, including time, human energy, and financial resources. Whether its “school is scam”, LGBTQ+ or feminism, please understand that these ideas have gone round the world not necessarily because they’re better, but because much resources have been committed to them by those that believe in them.

The first Christians worked in an environment that was hostile to the gospel. The only reason Christianity is the religious establishment today is the disciples’ unwavering faith in the gospel. You have to admire the effort that went into spreading the gospel. The Apostles did not simply pray and sit in their homes, hoping that things would change. We find that they worked harder than anyone else, and the Lord blessed them by increasing their number on a daily basis. If you believe your values will make the world a better place, you should devote your time, energy, and resources to advancing them.

It is time to make the distinction between activity and productivity. You must consider how much effort is required to move the needle and change the situation around you. First, identify the change you want to see in your surroundings. Then consider which companies or organizations are already working on such a mission. That way, you can join them and make a bigger impact. If you commit, you can make a difference in your community in a variety of ways. If the enemy is working overtime to derail your world, you must go above and beyond to correct the situation.

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