Build A Business Around Your Life’s Work

Jesus commanded us to do the works of Him who sent him while it is still day (John 9:4-5). We do this by ensuring that our daily lives contribute in some way to God’s overall purpose. However, this work of God is not limited to “church” or “nonprofit” activities. Your business can be a vehicle for your God-given mission. A platform that allows you to watch your world and steer it towards a better future. We can approach business in a way that solves pressing issues while running a successful business around it.

If you want to change the world, start your own business. Big businesses and governments wield enormous power in today’s world. They set the agenda and decide what is possible. Christians cannot continue to cower in their churches while claiming to be the light of the world. This would be self-deceptive on some level. If you want to set the agenda in your world, build a big and influential business. Owning a business or holding a key position in a large corporation empowers you to protect “kingdom” interests in that industry.

The most effective way to address any of the world’s major problems today, including spiritual blindness, selfish leadership, illiteracy, poverty, and disease is by running a business. Creating a healthy business to address any of these issues indicates that you have something sustainable. The mission is more likely to run smoothly. And because it is a profitable operation, your daily needs and expenses can also be met. You will not be dependent on donations, making it easier to expand your mission. As the business grows, the mission touches the lives of more people. Creating a mission-driven business is the ideal platform for your life’s work.

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