I Am Number Eight Hundred And Forty

The number 840 may not mean much at first glance, but it holds valuable lessons about diligence and consistency. The number itself isn’t what’s important; rather, it could serve for today, as a symbol of how small, consistent efforts add up over time. When you work diligently day after day, your efforts compound, leading to significant progress. For the 840th time, we’re publishing the Watching the World daily devotional. 840 seems cooler than 27 or 95. But if you don’t start with 27 or 95, you won’t be able to produce number 840.

Nothing happens with a mission unless someone understands the value of getting to work and staying consistent. If one is able to articulate a mission statement, and then commit to turn up every single day, those efforts will compound. Think about the humble beginnings of many of today’s global corporations and ministries. It begins with someone showing up every day to push their agenda. That’s how Christianity spread around the world. That is how Facebook became a worldwide phenomenon. First, the seed of an idea appears in the mind. Then you get feedback, and you get started. With consistency over time, the idea grows into a mighty tree.

Shakespeare is frequently cited as the source of the famous quote “Consistency, thou art a jewel.” It demonstrates that even the smallest actions, when repeated consistently, can result in remarkable outcomes and long-term change. If the Lord wills, we will someday witness the publication of the 8,400th entry in this daily devotional. At that point, it would be difficult to reconcile the current situation with the potential for the future. You must reflect and decide on the single, central mission you will represent every day. Determine what daily activity best supports that mission. Begin with a small project and gradually expand. It grows in importance with consistency.

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