Structure Your Gift For Maximum Impact

Your creative juice is useless without structure, discipline, and feedback in the form of mentorship. You must consciously structure your life to maximize your spiritual gifts and creativity. If you approach your spiritual gifts and creativity in a spontaneous manner, the results will be inconsistent and erratic. All you’ll have to show for your gift will be a bunch of abandoned projects. There is a tendency to jump from one thing to another. You need to understand the need for processes and policies to help you make the most of what God has blessed you with.

The last thing we want as gifted and creative people is constraints, policies, and discipline. Yet, that is exactly what we need to thrive. Paul’s relationship with Timothy serves as an excellent example. Paul encouraged Timothy to fan his gifts into flames, urging him to maintain a disciplined approach to his spiritual calling (2 Timothy 1:5-7). This provided Timothy with the structure and feedback necessary to develop his gifts fully. Read through Paul’s entire letter to Timothy, and you will see a master giving guidance and insights to a younger brother trying to find his way.

Our spiritual gifts can really blossom when we are willing to submit to mentorship and receive such focused guidance. For spiritual gifts to become productive, they must be nurtured with structure, discipline, and feedback. Structure provides a framework to channel our creativity effectively. Discipline ensures we remain committed to our growth and the consistent use of our gifts. Feedback from mentors and peers helps refine our abilities, ensuring we stay on the right path. Embracing these principles may feel restrictive initially, but they are essential for unlocking the full potential of the talents God has given us.

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