Balancing Your Mission With Real-World Challenges

On a day when your vision was finally crystallized in your mind, you brimmed with excitement, boundless hope and eager anticipation to take your first steps. The impact of your work played vividly within your thoughts. However, once the journey began, a dramatic change occurred. Your faith clashed with the harsh reality of a world uninterested in your mission. Doubters and naysayers seemed to outnumber your true believers, and opportunistic people crossed your path, hoping to profit from your dreams. The scarcity of resources cast long shadows on your path. In these trying times, you must reconcile reality with your spiritual ideals.

Any spiritual person will always be frustrated by the realities of their world. To the spiritually attuned, the greed and lust that drives carnally minded people around is disgusting. In these situations, you must never ignore reality and retreat into your head. The vision in your head is perfect, but the world in which you intend to implement it is not. Some of your best ideas and strategies will prove to be mistakes. You will become discouraged. You will want to give up. This is all normal and to be expected as you progress through your career or start your own business, ministry, or organisation.

Your attitude and ability to respond well to adversity will determine whether your venture succeeds or fails. While you must keep an open mind and be willing to abandon the mission, such a course of action should only be pursued after extensive prayer, contemplation, and consultation. Do not abandon your spiritual mission without even trying. You must cultivate a strong spirit to sustain you and keep you going during difficult times (Proverbs 18:14). Remember that our Lord Jesus encouraged us to pray so that we would not lose heart (Luke 18:1). All will be well.

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