Channel Your Energy Into Business

The spiritual life empowers us for exploits. As the Bible says, “those that know the Lord their God will be strong, and they will do exploits.” The spiritual life opens up so much power, grace, and possibilities for us. The big question is: “What will you do with this energy?” It is important to be business-minded and to direct your energy towards productive endeavours. After all, God-given energy should be focused on God-given missions. Do not emulate those who are spiritual solely for the purpose of being spiritual. They’re unproductive. They lack understanding and are not business-oriented.

The goal of the spiritual life is not to sit in isolation and count the angels. The goal is to be fruitful. And fruitfulness is bible-speak for productivity. Many today are not interested in producing results. They just want to sing and dance in the spirit, and maybe chant for many hours. They are enticed by a hazy cloud of glory that is not grounded in reality. Understanding people’s mindsets is extremely important. Without the right mindset and drive to produce results, spiritual energy is wasted or misappropriated. Do not frustrate the grace of God upon your life.

Becoming a business-minded Christian is not about making lots and lots of money. It is about understanding that the work of the father is important. It is a commitment to getting transformative results regardless of situation or circumstances. It is about a commitment to identify any relevant KPIs and improve those numbers over time. A business-minded Christian will take a look around their world and find some business they could build inorder to make a positive impact. If you are not channeling your energy into a business right now, how is the grace of God upon you benefiting others?

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