Explore The Technological Path To Wealth Creation

The best way to think about wealth creation is to recognise that it is about creating value to solve problems and fulfil human needs and desires. Indeed, it is easy to see that making money is merely a reward for problem solving. You’re a winner when you can solve a problem better, faster, and more efficiently than others can. You will never be poor because everyone will gladly exchange their wealth for your goods and services, thereby increasing your own wealth. Technology is simply a technical implementation of your step-by-step problem-solving process. Throughout history, and even today, wealth has frequently flowed to nations with technological superiority.

Aligning with technology is a strategic choice if you want to empower yourself and others to do their best work that glorifies God. Better technology is responsible for the world’s current higher standard of living and prosperity. Technology is a world of endless possibilities. It provides the ability to create value out of practically nothing. Wealth and knowledge are inextricably linked. The pursuit of knowledge leads to scientific advancements, and science propels technological progress. You should start thinking about how you can channel your creative energy into technology.

To validate this perspective, consider the biblical narrative of Joseph, whose story unfolds in Genesis. Joseph was a man of wisdom and insight. He interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, predicting seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. With this knowledge, Egypt stockpiled grain during the abundant years, positioning them as technological and agricultural leaders. When famine struck, their technological superiority made them the saviors of many lives. Joseph must have figured out a way to store enough food, and to store it for at least seven years. Wealth creation is intricately connected to embracing technological progress. It’s about seeking knowledge, fostering innovation, and aligning with the ever-evolving world of technology.

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