A Call To Action On Children’s Day

It used to be said, “it takes a village to raise a child.” These days, it seems like nobody cares, and it’s everyone for themselves. We’ve forgotten that the children within our communities represent our collective future. Your duty is to watch the world and steer it towards where God wants. You are the salt and light of your world. You have to care about the children. They are not just the responsibility of their parents; they are a responsibility we all share. We must remember that investing in them is investing in our future. Happy Children’s Day!

Consider the inspiring story of George Muller. In his time, he built orphanages that provided care to up to 10,000 children. Despite facing numerous challenges, his unwavering faith and dedication ensured that these children received not only the essentials of life but also education and spiritual guidance. Muller’s work was driven by his deep belief in God’s provision and a mission to serve the less privileged. His legacy reminds us that we, too, can make a significant difference when we commit to caring for the vulnerable children in our communities.

We need to provide hope and resources for children who find themselves without the basic essentials of life. We need people willing to offer long-term discipleship to children, exposing them to Bible-based teaching, proper all-round education with a focus on STEM, critical thinking, and problem-solving. When you see a 12-year-old boy, remember that in many ways, he is a 30-year-old man in need of 18 years of guidance. Your commitment to their well-being can shape their future and, ultimately, the future of our society. Let us be the village that raises the children, guiding them with love and wisdom towards the path God has set for them. Happy Children’s Day!

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