You Have To Do The Work

If you claim to be a business owner, you must learn about your responsibilities and make an effort to fulfill them every day. If you claim to be an evangelist, you must learn about the duties of an evangelist and ensure that you carry them out on a daily basis. You have to do the work. What complicates things is that we often confuse activities with productivity. For example, you could be busy every day for the next 10 years and still not function as a business owner for a single day.

You must take care to ensure that you are fully embodying the role, responsibilities, and weight of the office, rather than simply bearing a title. Do not define yourself as an entrepreneur solely based on your business card. Don’t just call yourself an evangelist. You have to do the work. Begin by breaking down your daily life. There should be an analysis to determine whether your daily activities revolve around your highest role. You might be spending the majority of your time in other roles, doing nothing related to your higher office.

You will always have to wear several hats in life, like son, husband, father, colleague, manager, director, and business owner. You must decide on your primary assignment. If you want to be known as a businessman, you must decide. A lot of the confusion and ambiguity in your life right now is due to your refusal to commit to an identity. You must embrace your highest office/calling while also withdrawing from the lower one. Commit to becoming a business owner and remove yourself from lower-level tasks within the company. Commit to what you should be doing rather than what you could be doing. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

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