Driven By Service Or Desire For More Cows?

In the 2016 movie “Arrival,” the linguist reveals that in Sanskrit, the word for “war” translates to “a desire for more cows.” It’s a simple yet profound concept. Wanting more cows symbolizes our desires for wealth, power, and connections. While these desires aren’t inherently bad, problems arise when greed becomes the driving force. As 1 Timothy 6:10 warns, “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evils.” Some will go to extreme lengths for more money, blinded by greed and lust. It’s a reminder to reflect and consider what really motivates your business and financial goals.

A genuine follower of Jesus prioritizes spiritual values over material possessions. Business pursuits shouldn’t prioritize making money above all else. Some people with a reprobate mind equate financial success with godliness, contrary to 1 Timothy 6:5. When making money becomes the sole focus, devoid of spiritual goals, one strays from true Christian principles. It’s a dangerous path to prioritize monetary gain over spiritual growth and integrity. True disciples understand that making money without spiritual fulfillment is ultimately empty and fleeting. Let us not lose sight of the immaterial in pursuit of temporary riches.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your pursuit of money does not corrupt your soul. Jesus questioned the value of gaining the world at the expense of losing one’s soul. You are watching the world, you’re a watchman, you should prioritize service over riches. Your primary mission is to utilize all resources, including your money, to drive your God-given mission forward. Always remember your role as a steward entrusted with God’s blessings. Focus on serving others rather than succumbing to the insatiable desire for more cows (material gain). Let your legacy be one of love, selflessness and responsibility, not the pursuit of fleeting wealth.

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