Rebuilding The Nation By Righteousness, Mercy And Justice

In a nation gripped by senseless corruption and escalating cases of kidnapping and banditry, the call to righteousness, mercy, and justice becomes paramount. Recent incidents, such as the abduction of passengers from Abuja-bound buses in Kogi State, Nigeria, reveal the profound weakness in the fabric of our society. Beyond prayers, it’s a clarion call for a return to values that uphold the sanctity of life and ensure the safety of all. The rising insecurity demands not just the attention of security forces but a collective commitment to rebuilding a society rooted in righteousness, mercy, and justice.

In recent weeks, the grim reality of our nation’s challenges came to the forefront as schoolchildren and teachers were abducted, and monarchs were brutally murdered in Ekiti State, Nigeria. These incidents lay bare the consequences of a society drifting from righteousness and justice. When wrongs go unpunished, when perpetrators escape accountability, it breeds a culture of lawlessness. Those who should be guardians of the law become emboldened to commit heinous acts, knowing they might evade consequences. The absence of righteousness and justice becomes not just a moral vacuum but a breeding ground for the rise of lawlessness and disregard for human life.

Isaiah 59:14-15 paints a vivid picture of a society where justice is turned back, righteousness stands far away, and truth stumbles in the public squares. The absence of justice displeased the Lord. As someone entrusted by God to watch over your world, it’s crucial to move beyond prayers. Dive into the study of righteousness, mercy, and justice. Gain understanding to the point of being able to teach others. Only by actively seeking and enforcing these principles can we hope to bring about positive change in our world. All hope is not lost.

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