An Opportunity Ten Thousand Miles Outside Of Purpose

All of those people you are chasing after are actually detrimental to your long-term success. When you give people too much control over your life and mission, it is easier for them to derail you. You will increasingly seek to please them over pleasing God. A business partner that heaven didn’t appoint for you can demand changes to the business model that completely discards the spiritual mission of the business. A mentor heaven didn’t assign to you can guide you into mediocrity. In the name of seeking opportunities and validation, you can end up ten thousand miles outside your original purpose.

Two companies competed for a significant business grant from a well-known philanthropist in a competitive environment. Femi considered increasing his chances through lobbying and networking. Attempting to obtain the grant through connections. Vivian, on the other hand, took a different path. She set aside time for prayer, seeking divine guidance. During her contemplation, she conceived an idea to strengthen her proposal. When the philanthropist made the decision, Vivian’s company was chosen because her proposal was ten times better than anything else they saw. Femi was left perplexed. You need to understand that while strategic networking is important, acknowledging God in your endeavours can result in unexpected favour and success.

As servants’ eyes are drawn to their master’s hand, so ours are drawn to the Lord our God for everything we need. You must commit to the idea that opportunities, promotion, and uplift do not come from people, but rather from God, who ultimately decides the fate of all. That is why the Psalmist insists that it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes (Psalm 118:9 ESV). You are going to fail in your mission to watch over your world if you regard people you can see, over the Almighty God you can not see.

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