On Piety, Service and Poverty

While there are different kinds of spiritual values that serve as the foundation of our Christian journey. It can be argued that the most important values are piety, service, and poverty. These spiritual values are more than just ideas; they are practical principles that guide our actions. They inspire us to better align our lives with Christ’s. Piety is more than just rituals; it is the state of our hearts. It is our deep connection with our Creator, a genuine devotion that transcends religious practises. It is about surrendering to God with every fibre of our being, allowing the Divine to draw us into a deeper, more intimate relationship.

When we embrace piety, our faith becomes more than just words; it becomes a living testimony, a reflection of our deep devotion. Piety leads directly to service to God and humanity. A person that is truly devoted to God is marked out by their good works. True service is, in essence, a selfless act of love. Service is more than just doing good; it is selfless love in action. It reflects Christ’s command to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. When we serve others, we become instruments of God’s grace, physically spreading His love and compassion.

Our service must be motivated by love and not lust or greed. There is no better way to ensure this than to take a poverty oath. Poverty in this context is not about lack and scarcity. This poverty is a deliberate decision to live a life of simplicity and humility. Materialism is the ultimate enemy of spiritual values, virtues, and pursuits. Your piety and service should not be motivated by an innate desire to amass wealth, but rather by a desire to remain devoted to God and serve at a higher level without the need for material gratification. Today is a good day to reflect on piety, service, and poverty.

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