Repentance From Material Goals To Spiritual Purpose

People who claim they want to make the world a better place must also commit to the values of piety, service and poverty. You cannot watch your world or function as a salt and light if your goals are driven by material wealth. Apostle Paul, an excellent hero of faith we can model today, once wrote about not peddling the word of God for profit (2 Corinthians 2:17). The call to piety and kingdom service is not a call to amass wealth. When pastors, religious leaders and change agents refuse to prioritize spiritual goals over physical goods, nothing gets done.

There are far too many vanities in today’s world, and they divert our attention as fallible humans away from our true spiritual goals. Many people begin with dreams of material wealth – grand cars, lavish homes, and possibly even private yachts. A true Christian should be content with the basics of life. You don’t want a better car to brag about or flaunt your wealth. You upgrade your vehicles to increase your productivity. A spiritually attuned person does not seek more money or possessions. They establish specific spiritual goals that are in line with their purpose and mission.

When we shift our focus from material pursuits to spiritual goals, we stay on track to change things. In the end, it is this transformation, this shift from material goals to spiritual purpose, that reveals life’s greatest treasures. You must learn to prioritise God first, others second, and yourself last in your plans and pursuits. Every day, you ask yourself, “How am I being selfless?” “Where is my labour of faith and love?” and “What am I taking responsibility for in my world?” Remember the words of Jesus, “life does not consist in an abundance of possessions” (Luke 12:15).

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