The Pursuit Of Truth Beyond Rebellion

Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Indeed, Christians should be committed to the pursuit of truth. However, in your quest for the truth, it is critical to examine your motivations. There is a distinction between seeking the truth and despising the truth. Many people are quick to question or outright reject Christian beliefs and values. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that this is not a genuine search for truth; rather, it is a revolt against the Christian faith.

Consider the case of people who sometimes embrace behaviors seemingly at odds with Christian values. It’s as if they’re attempting to break free from what they perceive as religious brainwashing. They become cruel, vile and depraved in their pursuit of modernity, but they believe they are simply irreligious. Pause and reflect on this. Are we not, in some sense, allowing ourselves to be influenced and “brainwashed” by a different kind of ideology, one that promotes sin and iniquity? This reality serves as a sobering reminder that rebelling against something we disapprove of can lead us into the arms of influences just as powerful and, sometimes, even more damaging.

Rejecting the faith of our parents may not necessarily be a path to enlightenment if it leads to embracing behaviors contrary to our core values. The pursuit of truth should be driven by a sincere desire for understanding, rather than an act of rebellion. True wisdom and growth come from critically examining our beliefs and making informed choices rather than blindly endorsing contrary views. Instead of revolting against what we disagree with, let’s channel our energies into a genuine quest for wisdom and discernment. God is real and ready to grant wisdom and understanding to the seeker. The mocker will never find the truth and will soon perish.

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