Developing Competence For Your Mission

As you go about your mission, you must recognise that developing competence is critical. Competence is the foundation upon which your mission is built. It’s easy to become consumed by grand ideas and visions of the great and mighty things you want to accomplish, but without competence, nothing gets done. In your journey, you may discover that certain temperaments are holding you back. It’s crucial to be open to change. You cannot insist that “this is who I am.” The Lord calls you as you are, but as you progress, you cannot remain the same. This destiny journey is also one of personal growth and transformation.

The level of competence you possess plays an important role in determining the scope of your mission’s impact. According to Proverbs 22:29, skillful work elevates one’s presence, allowing them to stand before kings and influential figures. In 1 Samuel 16:18, we see this in the life of young David. He was anointed, without a doubt, but he had also developed an entire collection of skills. We see David grow as a shepherd, then as a man of valour, and finally as a king. David was able to serve God’s purpose in his own generation because of his commitment to growth and skills.

Your competence is the key to realising your full creative and spiritual potential. “What can you handle?” is the big question. With competence in place, your mission can thrive and have a significant impact on the world. Competence development is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. The skills and competencies required vary depending on the level of your mission. Whether you’re just getting started, maintaining momentum, or looking for your next breakthrough, each stage requires a different set of skills. As a result, adopting a growth mindset is non-negotiable. Accept the constant evolution of your competencies, and your mission will follow suit.

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