Building Competence As The Foundation For Creativity And Exploits

As creative, spiritual beings, we’re often inspired by fresh ideas, by visions of grandeur and innovation. These creative sparks ignite our souls, fueling our desire to make a significant impact on the world. Yet, in our zeal to bring forth new and exciting creations, we can sometimes overlook a fundamental truth: that competence is the bedrock upon which the edifice of creativity stands. For creativity to be meaningful, it must be executed with precision and skill. We can dream of visionary masterpieces, but it’s our competence that allows those dreams to take tangible form.

Without the necessary competency, it is impossible to perform exceptional work. The level of competence distinguishes between the creative person who fails to complete projects or accomplish anything and those who succeed. Before attempting to channel spiritual gifts, our heroes of faith, the great prophets and apostles of the Bible, first demonstrated competence in the ways of the Lord. Proverbs 22:29 (ESV) reminds us, “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” This scripture underscores the importance of competence, showcasing how it paves the way for significant influence.

True competence is cultivated through the meticulous honing of skills and the commitment to getting the basics right. Even the most famous creative geniuses, from artists to inventors, were well-versed in their craft’s fundamentals. They worked quietly in the background, patiently honing their skills. Consider competence to be the solid foundation upon which you can build the wonders of your imagination. Your competence, like a strong foundation, enables your creative ideas to stand strong. With competence in place, your creativity and spiritual gifts can truly shine, and the impact you’ll make in this world will be all the more profound.

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