Everybody Is Looking For You

What would you do if you received a message saying, “Everybody is looking for you?” You’re an influencer, and everyone is looking forward to your next social media post. You have thousands or tens of thousands of followers. You have been invited to speak in churches, business seminars, and various workshops. How do you deal with this demand for your attention? The disciples told Jesus in Mark 1:37 that everyone was looking for him, which was a good thing. However, Jesus did not appear to be interested. He chose to proceed to the next stop on his itinerary.

In Mark 1:35-38, we learn from Jesus the importance of maintaining a consistent prayer routine. And allowing God to shape your thoughts and actions. Jesus always drew large crowds, yet he never committed himself to the crowds or allowed their opinion to sway him. While it feels good to have everybody looking for you, you must learn from Jesus to never allow it to get into your head. Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to the crowds because he knew their hearts and true motives (John 2: 23 – 25).

Pandering to everyone will not get you anywhere. Never lose your devotion to and communion with the Almighty God. You are fine as long as you maintain a relationship with God. You will lose if you try to maintain a stand with the people at all costs. As you attempt to lead and blaze a new trail of love and faith, you will attract the crowds. If you lack the wisdom to deal with the people, you can be easily diverted from your mission. At the end of the day, it is your commitment to God and your mission that counts. The crowds will lead you astray.

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