Valid Dreams Require Patient Timelines

Jeff Bezos was 36 years old when he founded his space company, Blue Origin, in September 2000. Jeff Bezos usually mentions that he had been studying and thinking about rockets since he was five years old. However, he never expected to have the funds to launch a space company. Over time, he was able to leverage his success with to launch a space company. This happened decades after he first entertained the notion. You’ve probably heard the phrase “your dreams are valid,” and it’s true. However, make certain that your expectations regarding the time of manifestation are not invalid or unrealistic.

Your dreams are valid, but your timelines are not. Just because you have a big idea today, right now, does not mean you should start pursuing it right away. It may be decades down the line. Joseph began having big dreams in his adolescence, but nothing happened until he turned thirty and suddenly became Egypt’s second most important person. So, don’t belittle your humble beginnings; you started small, but your future is bright and prosperous (Zechariah 4:10, Job 8:7). Be faithful with what you have right now and commit to your own growth.

If you are a young person reading this, accept the fact that the biggest ideas in your spirit may be 10 years or more away. Consider how much you have grown over the years if you are an older person reading this. Even if you’re not “swimming in money” right now, there’s a chance you’ve accumulated quality relationships and an education that you can use to see if you can now pursue some of those childhood dreams. Above all, whether you are young or old, do not stop dreaming. Our God is a way maker, and he will perfect everything concerning us.

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