Build Your Faith Upon The Solid Rock

In an increasingly secular world, if you find yourself disillusioned with your Christian faith and values, don’t rush to abandon them. Doubting your faith isn’t necessarily negative; life’s challenges often prompt questions. What matters is clarity in your beliefs and understanding why you hold them. Your belief system’s significance must be evident to you, ensuring your faith remains steadfast and meaningful amidst uncertainties. Accept your doubts as opportunities for growth, and seek answers that will strengthen your conviction and spiritual journey. Allow your faith to be founded on truth rather than some subjective interpretation of events and circumstances.

Our Lord Jesus warned us to build our faith on solid rock (Matthew 7:24-27). Building your faith on rock means understanding the principles that define your faith. This will keep you from being tossed around by every new wave of doctrine. You will figure out what is useful and productive, as well as what is not. Whatever happens, your faith in God should not be linked to the actions of another human being. An instruction or teaching should be determined to be true because of the underlying facts and principles being used, not because of the person saying it is true.

In today’s world, the utility of your belief system must be clear to you. You must understand what you are attempting to accomplish through your spiritual growth and discipline. What role does your value system play in today’s culture, business, and governance? Is there no way you are making a difference, no matter how little through the principles you uphold in the marketplace? The dark and corrupt world around you desperately needs the light of heaven. More than ever, we require a watchman to channel God’s love, wisdom, and power into our communities.

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