Your Primary Goal Is Value Creation And Fruitfulness

Money is essential. The utility of money is obvious to any adult human being. However, making money cannot be your top priority. Working solely for financial gain can leave you spiritually and emotionally impoverished. If it is all about making money at any cost, you will soon cross certain lines. You must start with the understanding that money is not a real thing in and of itself. Making money is a byproduct of leading a productive life and solving problems. Your primary goal is not to be rich. Your primary goal should be to do God’s will and to be fruitful in what he has called you to do.

It may appear to be a paradox, but nobody builds global businesses and organizations to make money. They do it because they require a vehicle for their ambitions. They create large organizations that can multiply their personal productivity a thousand times. If you continue to hustle through the marketplace, not to add value, but to make money, you will continue to fall short. People who are obsessed with money will never succeed in life. If you allow your holy quest to drive you, you will live a fruitful life and bear even more fruits for God. You will soon find yourself working on projects that are important to your world.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of people who value money above all else is that they live unhappy lives. Jesus explicitly warns us not to waste our time worrying about food, clothing, and other material needs (Matthew 6: 25-34). You will create your first multi-million business the day you decide to reach more people with the value you have created. And you will find fulfilment in how your activities and productivity levels contribute to the kingdom of God. You will be happy when you see your work enabling others to do their best work that glorifies God. On top of that, you could make a billion dollars in the process.

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