Economic Laws And Principles Cannot Be Ignored

Certain truths are undeniable, just like the clouds releasing rain upon the earth and a fallen tree lying where it falls (Ecclesiastes 11:3). Similarly, you should not persist in sin so that God can show you more and more of his wonderful grace (Romans 6:1-2). Likewise, you cannot continue to ignore basic economic principles and expect a prosperous country. Running a business carelessly will not work in the long run. Our economic realities are governed by unbending laws and principles that require our attention and compliance. We must acknowledge and align ourselves with these fundamental truths in order to build thriving businesses and a strong economy.

There are fundamental laws governing every aspect of life, including economics. Ignoring these laws doesn’t exempt us from their impact. Running a business without considering marketplace laws leads to failure. Consider the economic realities surrounding the price of petrol. Just as we cannot defy the laws of gravity, we cannot defy economic realities. The average price of petrol in West Africa is around $1.20 per litre, expecting it to be sold for less than a dollar per litre in Nigeria is unrealistic. If the government wants to subsidize the price of a product, it must generate a surplus somewhere else to fund it. These are unchanging economic principles.

While some Christians believe they enforce God’s will through force, the truth is that God’s work is accomplished through superior wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Faith operates on this higher wisdom, not by disregarding principles and common sense. For sustainable growth, we must embrace and master these principles. The principles of life do not care about your age, gender, religious beliefs or politics. Nigerians must wake up and recognise that the real problem is a lack of productive activities in the country to sustain subsidies and artificially low prices. Let’s align our actions with wisdom and sound principles to build a prosperous future.

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