Of Upright Hearts And Skillful Hands

Praying for a better future is important, but it must be combined with the acquisition of necessary skills to bring that future to fruition. It is important to allow the Holy Spirit to shape your character, but you must also allow Him to lead and guide you in acquiring valuable skills that will impact your generation. As Psalm 78:72 (ESV) declares, “With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.” To make a lasting difference, embrace a holistic approach to growth that combines prayer and diligent skill development.

Some Christians believe that prayer alone guarantees miracles, but that is an incomplete view. God performs miracles through humans. Humans that must align with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, allowing character development (upright heart) and skill cultivation (hands). The mighty works of God involve love, wisdom, planning, and execution, not just brute force. True faith combines spiritual insights with practicality, making believers skilled thinkers who achieve remarkable results. Let us be people of faith who embrace wisdom and knowledge, using our skills to fulfill God’s purpose and create positive impact in the world.

Being a Christian computer programmer isn’t about hiding religious messages in your code. It’s not as simple as naming your app, “Jesus Bless You.” Faith comes alive when you acquire high-quality, expert-level skills. You then infuse your abilities with spirit-driven love and excellence. A true Christian programmer codes with precision and creativity, knowing that well-crafted software pleases God. While having prayer as a core value, living a life of integrity, and showing kindness to others are all important, you must also strive to become educated and skilled enough for the works God has called you to do. Watch your world with an upright heart and skillful hands.

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