Lessons from Cadbury Nigeria’s Bournvita Biscuit Suspension

On July 12, 2023, Nairametrics reported that Cadbury Nigeria had temporarily halted production and sale of its Cadbury Bournvita Biscuit. This was in response to distributor complaints about its high price and reminds us of the importance of empathetic leadership in business. As Christians, we are called to consider the interests of others, as stated in Philippians 2:4. This situation highlights the need to listen and respond to market feedback with fairness and empathy. It prompts us to reflect on our own business practices and the ethical responsibilities we carry.

Having faith in God to build a formidable business will not exempt you from the economic realities of your world. However, facing economic difficulties does not justify compromising your christian values. As christian business leaders, we must seek solutions that promote equity and well-being, making sound decisions with the resources that have been entrusted to us. Cadbury Nigeria will need to rethink their pricing strategy and business model. This reveals a dedication to customer feedback and the greater good. This example encourages us to lead with integrity, recognizing that success in the real world requires you to balance several perspectives.

In your own business endeavors, remember the importance of leading with empathy. We are called to prioritize relationships, fairness, and the well-being of others alongside financial success. Cadbury Nigeria’s Bournvita Biscuit suspension serves as a reminder to align your actions with biblical principles. You can make a positive impact and reflect the love of God in the marketplace by embracing empathetic leadership and conducting your business affairs with integrity. As we navigate the complexities of business and strive to make a difference, let us be guided by the tenets of our faith at all times.

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