Leveraging Spiritual Gifts In Business, Economy And Governance

In the realm of spiritual gifts, there exists a beautiful diversity. Each individual is endowed with unique gifts by the same Spirit, and these gifts manifest in various ways (1 Corinthians 12: 1-7). We must recognize that not all workings of the Spirit yield immediate results like salvation, healing, or deliverance. Some aspects of spiritual gifts, especially when applied in the realm of business, economy and governance, require patience and wisdom. Building a successful organization by leveraging your spiritual gifts is a process that demands time and endurance. It is not an overnight achievement.

Just as different gifts serve different purposes, the timing and manifestation of these gifts also vary. While some miraculous interventions occur swiftly, the application of spiritual gifts in the business world necessitates strategic planning, perseverance, and a long-term perspective. In the book of Genesis, Joseph’s journey exemplifies the various ways spiritual gifts can be applied in the economy and governance. During a time of famine, he brought prosperity to Egypt through wise stewardship. Joseph’s story teaches us that expressing our spiritual gifts fully could require time, resilience, and strategic planning.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if the results of your spiritual gifting in the economic sphere do not materialize instantly. These are not dimensions of faith and prophecy that resolve in seconds or hours. Was Father Abraham not acting on faith when he received the understanding that the great things God promised him would not be realized for 400 years? (Genesis 15). You cannot issue an overnight prophetic statement to solve your country’s economic and leadership problems. It will take time for you to mature and grow into an Entrepreneur capable of building multimillion-dollar businesses. It is through consistent effort and the cultivation of wisdom that organizations are built.

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