Can A Nation Be Formed In A Single Day?

In our journey of leveraging spiritual gifts in the realms of business, economy, and governance, it is essential to address disagreements that may arise. Some may argue that spiritual gifts should produce immediate results and manifest in tangible outcomes when used in any context. They may believe that God’s power should bring about immediate change and that waiting for long periods of time contradicts the concept of faith. There is also the place of relying solely on divine guidance, which calls into question the need for strategic planning. An in-depth study of the Bible, on the other hand, reveals that the greatest impact required time and strategic planning.

We can see from the Bible that things of God still required time to manifest. Our Lord Jesus was not born overnight, and that does not diminish his divinity. Jesus was not born instantly after the angelic declaration. The apostle Paul had great success in Ephesus, but this was after more than two years of ministry there (Acts 19:1-20). Daily miracles occurred, but the overall outcome took years. David was not crowned king of Israel immediately after Prophet-Priest-Judge Samuel anointed him. He spent years trusting the process and growing into the powerful king we remember.

So, even though God’s power can perform massive miracles instantly, certain things still take time. As a result, while we long for immediate change, we must remember that God’s timing often differs from ours. In Luke 14: 26-32, Jesus taught us to “count the cost” and plan. Can a nation be born in a day? Yes, the answer is yes. However, some underground work would have been required. After a 400-year gestation period in Egypt, Israel was born in a single day. After years of development, your instant breakthrough appears. May we remain open to God’s guidance, sensitive to the leading of His Spirit, and committed to strategic planning that aligns with His purpose.

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