A Call To Uphold Righteousness, Mercy And Justice

On June 24, 2023, Sierra Leoneans cast their votes, but the aftermath revealed reports of violence and tension, particularly at the opposition headquarters. This unsettling election scenario sheds light on a pressing issue within the African political landscape—peaceful power transitions are often the exception rather than the norm. It is crucial to recognize that societal values and cultures shape every nation, and it is our responsibility to earnestly influence and reshape them. It is part of operating as the salt and light of your world. Electoral violence and tension reveals a decay in righteous values.

In Romans 12:1-2, we are urged to surrender ourselves to God, resisting conformity to the world and allowing our minds to be transformed. Before adopting the ways of the world, we must carefully weigh them against the teachings of Scripture. As watchmen over our families and communities, we must ensure that righteousness, mercy, and justice form the core values guiding our actions. Embracing the task of shaping your world’s value system is a vital step towards curbing election violence and corruption. You must commit to instill and reinforce righteous values within your spheres of influence.

The normalization of mediocrity, intellectual laziness, bribery, and corruption in Western Africa is disheartening. The vibrant Christian faith is not adequately reflected in society. Now, more than ever, we must grasp the profound significance of Christian faith and values. Christianity imparts principles of righteousness, mercy, and justice, essential for establishing a peaceful and prosperous society. Meaningful change will remain elusive unless we confront and challenge electoral violence, malpractice, and corruption head-on. Remember, you have been placed here by God to make a difference. Act accordingly. It might not look like much initially, but keep going.

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