Reconcile Your Mission With The Realities Around You

Your mission is rooted in the will of God for your times and seasons. It is a spiritual calling seeking tangible expression in the physical realm. However, it’s vital to not become so immersed in your mission that you neglect to reconcile it with the realities of the world. Success in your mission begins by acknowledging the current state of things and charting a course accordingly. Ignoring the laws of biology, physics, technology, politics, marketing and economics can humble even the most spiritually inclined person. You must align your spiritual convictions with the realities of your world. The world is not an empty vacuum.

The life of the Apostle Paul is one case study that demonstrates the importance of reconciling mission with reality. While he felt a strong spiritual call to spread the gospel, he also recognised the importance of tailoring his message and approach to different cultures and contexts. In Acts 17, Paul addressed the Athenians using their own cultural references and philosophical ideas, demonstrating his understanding of the people he was reaching out to. You must learn about existing culture and best practices as part of your mission. Consider how they differ from the heavenly ideal in your spirit. That is when you can start making good plans.

Draw inspiration from William Wilberforce, a man driven by his deep Christian faith. He was on a mission to abolish slavery. With a heart set on eradicating this profound injustice, Wilberforce understood the power of aligning his spiritual conviction with the realities of the world. He understood the political landscape and the need for strategic alliances and gradual change. He worked within the existing political system, building coalitions and garnering support over many years until slavery was finally abolished in the British Empire. Ground your mission in a realistic understanding of the world.

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