Take A Stand For Your Religion And Faith

Religion has a significant impact on our lives, influencing our thoughts and actions. That is why we must be aware of how our religious beliefs impact our destiny. While some argue that religion is invalid or unnecessary, the human experience does not support such an argument. People need hope in their lives, and it is well understood that certain boundaries and guidelines are required for healthy living. So religion cannot be a problem in and of itself. The issue is religious beliefs that suppress our fruitfulness, productivity, and creativity. It is important to have a religion that empowers and encourages us to unleash our creative potential.

The Western Civilization is the most creative, productive, and prosperous civilisation ever built by men. This civilisation owes a lot to Christianity’s core ideas and values of righteousness, mercy and justice. The principles embedded in Christianity have played a critical role in shaping the success of nations. No other creed or religion has created a better world than the western civilization. You should be wary of seemingly nice people who try to push insignificant and unproductive religious narratives. Anyone attempting to recruit you into their religion or denomination should respond to the following question: What has your religion or denomination created? What have you accomplished?

It is easy to highlight Christianity as a productive religion. All the major ideas driving the world today originated from predominantly Christian nations. That is either a coincidence or the religion had something to do with it. You must understand that fostering growth, innovation, and progress is dependent on people’s religious beliefs. That is why, as a watchman tasked with steering your world towards a better future, you cannot remain passive in the face of the religious beliefs that dominate your world. Take a stand for your faith through prayers and commensurate actions. Do not allow ungodly people or religious terrorists take over your world.

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