The Beautiful Truth About Expectations Of Breakthrough

Break free from the notion that a breakthrough is merely an enigmatic, unforeseen occurrence that grants you all your desires. Such thinking constrains you within the confines of mediocrity, preventing your growth and advancement. It perpetuates a cycle of wishful thinking and idle prayers, hindering you from stepping into the realm of faith in action. Faith without works is dead; a person of faith is an active person. When you begin to take specific actions as a result of your faith, it is a sign that you are expecting a breakthrough. A business-minded person seeking growth does more than just pray; they take risks and explore new horizons.

Shift your perspective and embrace a new paradigm. Understand that a breakthrough is not just a random stroke of luck, but a product of intentional effort and unwavering belief. A breakthrough is not an unexplainable divine intervention. Spiritual intelligence is the highest form of intelligence. In other words, things of God operate at such a high level of intelligence that they may appear foolish to the naturally minded person. Please keep in mind that intelligence is still involved. Working with faith is working with divine intelligence. It takes a combination of faith and hard work, in which you actively pursue your goals while aligning your actions with your goals.

If you’ve been stuck in your job, business, or ministry for a long time. While hoping and praying for a breakthrough is a good idea, nothing will happen unless there is a commitment to grow and develop new capabilities and competencies. You will be stuck until you develop the capability, competence, and confidence to unlock more growth. Sustainable growth will not come suddenly, due process must be followed. Break free from the constraints of passive thinking and embark on a journey of faith-filled action. Breakthroughs await those who dare to go beyond wishes and prayers, into a realm where dreams come true and destiny unfolds.

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