Embracing the Gift of Family and Balancing Life’s Demands

There will always be “things you want to do” and “things that society says you have to do.” You must learn to strike a balance between the two. Getting married and raising children are things society says you must do. It is critical to educate young people about the importance of marriage and parenthood from an early age. We must help them understand that they will need the support and companionship of their loved ones in the future. It is very difficult to single handedly succeed in life. You will find yourself needing emotional support and companionship. Embrace the gift of family and recognize the value of investing in family.

It is good for a young man to understand the importance of having a home. As a result, directing his energy towards creating a loving home becomes critical. As you advance in your career, business, or ministry, you realize that you will be doomed if you do not balance life’s family demands. A young woman should recognize that settling in the home front provides a foundation to pursue her ambitions. Marriage and raising children should not be seen as some necessary evil; there is nothing evil about taking responsibility for shaping the future of your world. There is nothing more important than taking responsibility for nurturing another generation.

You have been given a torch, and it is now your turn to pass it on to the next generation. You have benefited from the kindness and sacrifices of others, and now it is your turn to sacrifice and show kindness to someone else. By prioritizing family, we cultivate a sense of purpose and ensure a nurturing environment for the generations to come. Balancing personal aspirations and the blessings of family can lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life. We must rethink marriage and family life. It is not “something do-able, when able”. Without family, your long-term impact and legacy are not secure.

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