Fortify Your Creativity For Greater Works

Creativity is the innate ability of humans to generate novel and valuable ideas. However, there is an important condition to consider. The scope of your creativity is limited by your existing knowledge. As Richard Feynman aptly stated, “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” If you are unable to articulate a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of how something functions, it becomes improbable for you to bring it into existence. Your creative gift is spiritual, and the range of issues and situations to which you can apply it is limited by the knowledge you commit to. Proverbs 24:5 says, “a wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increases strength.”

Imagine a person who has a deep understanding of computer programming. They have acquired knowledge about various programming languages, algorithms, and software development principles. Armed with this knowledge, they possess the strength to tackle complex programming projects and overcome challenges that arise along the way. They can invent and create anything in their spirit because their knowledge base provides them with the necessary tools and insights. On the other hand, someone with limited knowledge in programming would struggle to tackle similar projects and face difficulties in inventing the things in their spirit. Thus, the level of knowledge directly influences one’s ability to create and tackle greater challenges effectively.

Creativity is fueled by knowledge. You can only invent at your current level of knowledge. If you wish to do more, you must commit to further education. Obtaining an education through a structured university program is widely regarded as the optimal approach. Therefore, it is advisable to fuel your creativity by enrolling in a university, which equips you with the technical and advanced knowledge necessary for greater works of creativity. It’s not just enough to let your imagination run wild; you also need to understand the principles, theories, laws, or conditions that are necessary for your ideas to become a reality.

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