Understanding The Importance Of Prayer For Your Mission

When embarking on a mission, it is important to prioritize prayer as one of your top three tasks. Those who are truly committed to making a meaningful impact through their work are often found to be devout in their prayers. As exemplified by Martin Luther, the renowned church reformer who once said, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer,” prayer holds immense significance. It is in the place of prayer where circumstances undergo their initial transformation. Before taking physical action, it is in the realm of prayer where situations and circumstances are primarily transformed.

Prayers hold utmost importance, as emphasized in the Bible and demonstrated by the life of Jesus. Whether you aspire to transform your personal circumstances or bring about change on a larger scale, the initial step is to engage in prayer. In Luke 18, Jesus shared a parable with his disciples, emphasizing the significance of persistent prayer. The idea that when you pray, you will not lose heart or give up. By settling your desires and intentions within your spirit through prayer, you gain the ability to navigate the physical world with confidence, drawing strength from the spiritual realm.

There are skeptics who view prayer as a waste of time, questioning whether the world’s billionaires, top entrepreneurs, and presidents engage in prayer. However, this perspective fails to acknowledge that prayer is primarily a personal and private practice, rarely discussed in public. It is impossible for us to know whether these individuals are prayerful or the specific spiritual activities they undertake to maintain their success. What we can be certain of is the efficacy of prayer. In the realm of prayer, one can find healing, deliverance, and solace. Above all, prayer aligns one’s will with heaven, providing insights and strength for remarkable achievements and greater works.

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