You Cannot Take Responsibility For Other Adults

The notion of taking responsibility for other adults is a common mistake we often make. It is important to recognize that this approach is flawed. Instead, our role should be to identify issues and establish platforms or businesses that address them. By doing so, we can cater to those who actively respond to our initiatives. It is crucial not to jeopardize your mission by attempting to impose your ideas on another individual. In practice, you are infringing on their free will by imposing yourself on them. We must acknowledge that we cannot be responsible for the actions or decisions of other individuals.

When taking on responsibility for an idea or just cause, be clear on what you are doing. Do not misinterpret your work as something you are doing for someone in particular. Consider the example of combating poverty by creating job opportunities. It is unproductive to focus on a particular individual who shows no interest in working but expects free money and food. Rather than persisting in trying to secure a job for such an individual, it is more effective to build a system and invite everyone to apply. By extending our offers to everyone, we serve the collective without fixating on any specific person.

This approach protects our hearts from the disappointments that arise when dealing with irresponsible adults who are not motivated to put in the necessary effort. We should aim to work with anyone that is responding, rather than attempting to force a particular person to respond. In Matthew 7:6, Jesus advised against giving what is sacred to those who would not appreciate it, or presenting valuable things to those who would disregard their worth. This emphasizes the importance of discernment and not wasting our efforts on those who would trample on our offerings and turn against us. Take responsibility for ideas and just causes, but never for specific individuals.

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