Now, We Ask; What Can You Do For Your Country?

John F. Kennedy once famously said, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” This statement challenges the traditional perspective we often hold, which regards our country and its institutions solely as tools to cater to our needs. Instead, Kennedy’s words serve as a powerful reminder that our primary focus should be on how we can contribute and serve. Jesus wants us to be the salt and light of our world. This concept calls upon you to actively seek ways in which you can promote and advance the greater good and the interests of God in your community.

It is a well-known fact that your country faces numerous problems requiring attention and solutions. Often, we find ourselves indulging in a cycle of complaining, blaming the government and the system. Apportioning the blame from the left to the right. And ultimately declaring the situation as unfixable. However, what if we break free from this blame game and instead take personal responsibility for initiating change? Let us shift our attention to making small contributions from our end. You must understand that the transformational process begins with each individual. Human beings with the will to do so steer nations towards a better future.

So, don’t dwell on an unhealthy obsession with everything that is going wrong. Take inspiration from John F. Kennedy’s advice and reflect on what you can do to enhance the well-being of your country. Look to the examples set by others who accepted responsibility and took action. For instance, Samuel demonstrated his sense of responsibility by dedicating himself to prayer for his nation and guiding his people with wisdom (1 Samuel 12:23). Similarly, David stepped up by volunteering to confront and defeat the giant who aimed to bring shame to his country and mock God. These people serve as reminders that taking responsibility can make a significant difference.

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