What Are You Taking Responsibility For?

The condition of our world is shaped by the actions for which individuals assume responsibility. Without anyone taking responsibility, our world will crumble. In John 9:5, Jesus declared himself as a guiding light for the world as long as he is around. Jesus wants you to be the salt and light of your world. To take responsibility for the functioning of your world. What will you choose to take responsibility for? You cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the socioeconomic state of your world and hope that things will improve, they won’t. Your faith without works is dead.

The prosperity of your country depends on the willingness of people to accept responsibility for it. If there is nobody interested in taking responsibility for something, it doesn’t get done. The Apostles took on the responsibility of preaching the gospel and spreading it across nations on their missionary journeys. Elon Musk’s career has been shaped by his decision to accept responsibility for transforming mankind into a multiplanetary civilisation. Without Elon, we will continue to daydream about space travel for all. Dangote took on the responsibility of constructing a functional crude oil refinery in Nigeria, something the government, oddly, never committed to doing.

No matter your current station in life, there is something you can take responsibility for. It just takes a shift in perspective. For example, could you consider how you can create a job, just one job for someone in your community? How about mobilizing resources to ensure a child or two, or three can get a decent education? You can choose to become a good engineer and create things that improve people’s lives. Our collective prayers and hopes are dependent on someone accepting responsibility. You can decide to become that “someone”.

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