We Must All Take Responsibility For Our World

The government should do this. The company should do that. The Boss should have taken a specific action. My parents should have done this twenty years ago. The government, your employers, your parents, and various individuals have been mentioned as responsible parties in different contexts. However, amidst all these discussions, a fundamental question arises: What about you? What actions are you expected to undertake? What are you supposed to do? What are you going to take responsibility for? It is always easier to pass judgment on what others should be doing. Rather than looking inward to determine what you should do.

Many people tend to shy away from taking on additional responsibilities. When faced with a new task or challenge, our instinct is often to avoid it rather than raise our hands and saying, “Here I am, send me!” When situations deteriorate or things go bad, you should be asking, “Who refused to step up?” or “Who refused to shoulder the responsibility?” It should sadden you when you encounter people who hold prestigious positions but fail to fulfill their obligations. Nonetheless, it is now your turn. Let us admit that they did a poor job. But what makes you different? How are you taking charge and getting things done?

Taking responsibility for others is the most important aspect of spirituality. You mature and grow by taking responsibility for yourself first, and then gradually developing the capacity to take responsibility for others. In a country where circumstances are unfavorable and appear to be worsening, it becomes crucial for someone to step forward. Let us encourage more people to step up and take responsibility, fostering an accountability culture while reducing blame and idle conversations. What are you going to do about the fact that your world desperately needs better leadership? Time for you to step up.

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