Your Ignorance Is Preventing You From Manifesting

What is the exact reason you have not been able to create the things in your mind? If you believe the culprit to be a lack of funds, think again. Money is not the ultimate barrier to your success. Your grand ideas should not remain unfulfilled, trapped within the confines of your imagination. Do not let the illusion of scarcity hold you back from realizing your dreams. Allow your determination and creativity to be your guide to bringing them to life. You must understand that education and training are more important than money to the creative mind.

Do you know enough to convert your ideas into technology? Can you articulate the exact barriers to your progress in terms of what you don’t know? Here is an example. It is easy for a new business owner to complain about a lack of marketing funds. In reality, they do not understand marketing and are more likely to waste any financial resources they devote to it. It is more beneficial to admit that one does not understand marketing. And then recognise the need to learn. Rather than blaming everything on a lack of funds. What are the top three subjects and skills you must master?

Money is important, but wisdom is the principal thing. Anyone who claims they are held back from manifesting their ideas due to scarcity of funds are just being lazy. Intellectual laziness hides under the excuse of lack of resources. An educated and determined fellow will always find a walkabout to achieve the same thing. There is a knowledge gap that is holding you back. You do not know enough to convert your ideas into technology. It is far more productive to focus on finding out what you don’t know. Rather than worrying about a lack of funds.

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