Managing Your Expectations From The People

In our journey through life and purpose, managing our expectations from people is very important. People’s opinions and reactions can be unpredictable, and it’s essential not to let them deter you from your mission. Our Lord Jesus faced disbelief from his hometown in Mark 6:1-6. Despite their skepticism and the lack of faith, he remained steadfast and continued to spread his message. This teaches us that external doubts and criticisms shouldn’t sway our inner conviction or our commitment to our purpose. Do not change your mind about your God-given mission based on the opinion of the people.

Apostle Paul’s experience on the Island of Malta highlights this. After surviving a shipwreck but then getting attacked by a serpent, the locals thought that Paul was an evil man. They were expecting him to die. However, witnessing his resilience and survival, their perception quickly shifted. They went from expecting his demise to declaring him a god (Acts 28:4-6). This rapid change in public opinion serves as a reminder of the impermanence of people’s judgments. It underscores the importance of staying true to your mission and values, regardless of the shifting sands of public opinion.

Your worth and purpose are not defined by fleeting opinions or the shifting perspectives of others. You must learn to seek counsel from reliable sources as God directs you to them over time. You require insights and heavenly wisdom from divine sources, not the faceless mob. Staying true to our mission, regardless of external voices, ensures consistency and strength on our journey. It is not about proving others wrong, but about remaining true to our purpose and values. Failure to do so could lead to distractions and, ultimately, failure. Remember, they will first ignore you, then mock and fight you before joining you. Manage your expectations.

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