Giving Love And Peace As Tangible Gifts To People

Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 10: 13-15 to share their peace with others. He instructs them that if they come across a welcoming and worthy household, they should bless it with their peace. However, if the household is unwelcoming and rejects their message, they should simply leave and not force anything upon them. Jesus emphasizes that those who reject them will be held accountable, as their rejection is a serious offense. The fact that Jesus refers to peace as a tangible thing is intriguing. It is something you can give and something you can take back. Similar to how you give or take back a physical object.

Jesus wants you to think about your blessing of peace, well-being, favor and prosperity as real things. Just like your car. As real as your favorite chair. As authentic as a cake or your favorite snack. The love you give is as real as the wireless connection that enables your modern devices to function. Your spiritual journey and maturity will reach new depths the day you understand your spiritual stuff is real. The Apostle Peter famously equated his spiritual gifting with silver and gold. He gave his spiritual stuff to the fellow that begged him for money.

If your “love” and “peace” are worth anything, then it cannot be received by just anybody. Jesus said if you give peace, and it doesn’t rest upon the place, your peace will come back to you. From Matthew 7:6 (ESV), “do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.” Have the understanding that your peace is real. Your love is real. There will be a positive, visible change when you give your goodwill to someone or a place. Operate with this confidence every single day.

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