Do Not Build On Falsehood

The key to fruitfulness and to prosper in your work is by meditating in the law of the Lord. If you take the advice of the wicked and the lawless. You will become as worthless as chaff, scattered by the wind. You must seek out the harsh realities of life, and prefer that to the comfort of lies. When you have the true state of your work. You can repent, and get better. But when you embrace lies and falsehood, you are soon trapped. Feedback on the true state of things will help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Allowing you to grow. If you want to build a long lasting home, career, business or ministry. You have to establish it in truth.

“Fake it till you make it” is a terrible strategy. Once you begin to lie about your results. You begin to destroy yourself. There has been countless reports about researchers that falsify results to match a particular outcome. Entrepreneurs that lie about their numbers in order to attract new investment. For example, Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to prison in November 2022, for deceiving investors with claims about her startup Theranos. Christian ministries that lie about their real impact, trying to appear bigger than they really are. They hide their laziness by telling lies. Every unrighteousness is a sin, and leads to destruction.

If you compromise your integrity by an inch. You are already compromised by a mile. Every lie, and every falsehood would require more lies and deception to keep going. Do not build on falsehood. It takes humility of heart to maintain integrity. The humility to admit that your career, business or ministry is not working out as you had hoped. When you admit this to yourself and in public. You open yourself up to the grace of God. God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. You cannot claim to be dependent on God for success, and continue to lie about your work. You must seek out feedback about your work. Determine the true extent of your work, and make a commitment to improve it.

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