Lies And Falsehood Will Destroy Your Work

If you are going to succeed in your mission. You must guard your heart against any form of falsehood. This is not a simple matter of being on guard against people out to deceive you. This is also about you not deceiving yourself. Self-deceit is real. Do not allow lies to flourish around you. At every turn, the Bible condemns all lies and falsehood. Lies replace the objective universe around you; a reality that only works with the truth. And distorts it into what you want to see. You will fail in your God-given mission when you put your trust in falsehood.

“Fake it till you make it” did not work out so well for Elizabeth Holmes. Her startup, Theranos, was built around a very powerful mission. But she lied. She lied so much that the web of lies she spun around herself replaced the real state of her work. Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 135 months in prison after being convicted on four counts of fraud in January 2022 for deceiving investors with claims about her startup Theranos. Holmes raised $945 million for the startup, which promised to revolutionize health care by using only a few drops of blood in tests. Her technology did not work, and she chose to buy more time by lying to the world. Everything came down crashing.

The real world doesn’t care about your convictions. It does not care about your religious affiliations. Your religious fantasies and ideals are not important. What is important is the truth. Your task of steering us towards a better future requires you to be truthful at all times. You have to stop being emotional about your mission. It is unnecessary. And it will mislead you. Your life will change forever when you start looking for what is present. And stop wishing or twisting what you see into what you want. The good news for you is that Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth. Yield to the Holy Spirit, he will guide you towards the truth.

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