You Cannot Build An Economy On Lies

The Universe operates on principles. These principles are no “respecter of persons”. If you do the right thing, you get the result. The problem is when people prefer to tell lies and throw tantrums when things don’t go their way. You must understand that you cannot bully the truth into submission. You need to know the true nature of things. The truth empowers you by revealing the real nature of things. When you work with that, you get results. You cannot build an economy on lies. It can never work. An economy is a reflection of the productivity of the people. Lies and falsehood reduces the productivity of people. They will never get anything done.

Political actors usually find themselves in situations that demand that they compromise on the objective truth. They distort the true state of society and the economy. Passing legislation that fails to reflect the real condition of issues. All these politicking do more to harm the economy in the long run. One must find that delicate balance between political truths, and the kind of objective truths that people need to succeed. For many years, a country like Nigeria has had her politicians declare that their country is rich. But, the government is corrupt. The idea that if a “good government” can be voted into power, all their problems will disappear. Except that this is not true. Nigeria is by most measures a poor country. And it will take a lot of work for her economy to improve. This is a truth politicians would rather ignore.

You can’t be productive unless you work with the truth. You must be truthful with yourself about your assumptions. Your fears and hopes should be clear to you as well. If your business is dying due to some assumptions you made. Being open about it will serve you better. You cannot build your business on lies. It won’t work. As a watchman tasked with steering us towards a better future. Your greatest ally is the truth; objective truths. You have to ignore political truths that change or become irrelevant in the passing of time.

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