Your Mission Will Get You Paid

Your mission gives you the promise of a future, and a hope. Your mission will get you paid. You will also get to leave behind a lasting legacy that others can aspire towards. You are worried about the bills. As there does not seem to be anything about your mission that relates to making money. Well, check again. Even if your mission is within the religious sphere. As long as you are creating value, you will get paid. Success in life is determined not by what is done, but rather by who is doing it. There is no God-given mission that will not provide you with a rich and fulfilling life if you apply the necessary discipline and work ethic.

There is an aspect of your work that has an impact on your local economy. You must recognize this and direct your attention to it. Your mission has an effect on the economy, it is creating value. That value is what gets you paid. Religious houses, for example, are in the business of developing people’s human capacities. Religious institutions nurture law-abiding citizens who contribute to a society’s productivity. The distinction between religious organizations and traditional businesses is the adoption of a pay-what-you-want model. Every adult human being is contributing something to the economy. You have to identify that within the confines of your mission.

There is no mission or assignment from God that will not provide you with a rich and fulfilling life. Most people struggle with their calling and mission because they are stupid and lazy. Unwillingness to learn how to carry out a mission correctly. A refusal to put in the effort. Jesus was engrossed with his Father’s business. “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord,” says Romans 12:11 (KJV). Do whatever you do with the dedication and discipline of a conventional businessman. Whether your life’s work is the result of hustling or a mission that God has given you. You are aware that whoever does not work will not eat. You must approach your work with an awareness of your economic contribution. God will see your dedication to the mission and provide you with everything you need. You will get paid.

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