Focus On The Work That Brings True Happiness

You ignore the profound wisdom of the Bible at your own peril. If the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 5:10 (NLT), “those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness!” You better believe it. The authority of the word of God should be enough for you to accept this. There should not be any attempt to water down what it says in any way. You can never have enough money that will satisfy your ego. You can never find a happy and meaningful life that centres around making money. This does not in any way condemn you to a life of mediocrity. Not at all. This serves as a reminder that the only work that will bring you true happiness is work done in service of your mission.

Tech startups are in fashion. Everyone, and their dog are trying their hands at building a tech startup. Even young, ambitious people working in conventional businesses, now find ways to “tech-ify” their work. Building a tech startup, or any business, must, however, be done in service of your mission. You will not find money or happiness unless you do this. There will never be enough money. And you will not see enough intangible benefits to keep you going. Uri Levine, who sold his startup, Waze Mobile, to Google for over a billion dollars, believes that you cannot build a successful startup unless you are passionate about your work. “Making money is never a strong enough drive to build a startup,” he says. The wealth you create is a byproduct of your passionate dedication to your mission. People who achieve great success are those who cannot imagine doing anything else. Not those who come to see the gold rush.

Working on your God-given mission does not give you permission to lead a poor, unremarkable life. Accept God’s mission in religion, culture, economy, and governance. When you do the works of your heavenly Father, you are never poor or unremarkable. Making money is a reward for problem solving. Concentrate your attention on problems that need to be solved rather than on the money you want to make. Focus on the work required to achieve reasonable results with your mission. You will find true happiness if you approach your work in this manner.

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